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Peter S. Green

Reporter, Editor, Newsroom Manager

Tax cheats, revolutions, foreign policy, hurricanes, droughts, wars, oysters, New York City and the business of water.

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Small Biz Gets Plenty of Love, but Where's the Action? - Businessweek

Small Biz Gets Plenty of Love, but Where's the Acti...


Invalid New Yorker’s Pals Keep Life-Saving Gear Running

For Nick Dupree, losing power in Sandy’s fury quickly became a matter of life and death....

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U.S. Cattle Ranchers Endure More Drought, Rising Feed Prices

High-plains ranchers have suffered through three years of drought, wildfire, and rising costs...

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Hurricane Sandy’s Waters Flood Blacked-Out New York City

Hurricane Sandy sent floodwater gushing into New York’s five boroughs, submerging cars, tunnels and the subway system and plunging skyscrapers...

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UBS Whistle-Blower’s Ex-Lawyers Seek Share of IRS Award

A Washington law firm that worked for Bradley Birkenfeld, the former UBS AG banker who exposed how the Swiss lender...

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Small Biz Suffers From State Budget Cuts for Courts

As courts slow down and face bigger backlogs, the effects are costing small businesses money...


Green Business & Global Warming Blog Environment Archives ...

Green Business stays on top of the business aspects of energy, the ... Over at Grist, in “Preposterous Prefix Parables”...

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Teresa Heinz Kerry’s $3 Million in Heinz Stock Grew 20 Percent

Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Secretary of State John Kerry, is profiting from the sale of HJ Heinz Co....

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Small U.S. Oyster Farms Are on the Rise

On the Atlantic seaboard, a revival in small-scale oyster farming...

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Peter Luger Steak Prices May Soar as Drought Culls Herds

The buttery porterhouse that Peter Luger steakhouse has served up since 1887 may be the next victim of the U.S....


Peter S. Green - Businessweek

Bio. Peter S. Green is a reporter for Bloomberg News. Peter S. Green. Articles by Peter S. Green. Recent. The Bledsoe brothers are among those getting ......

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Metro-North Train Derails in NYC, Killing Four

New York’s Metro-North Railroad is shut down along the Hudson River after a train derailment caused the first passenger fatalities in the line’s 30-year history, renewing scrutiny of safety on one of the city’s major mass- transit arteries....

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Oysters Boom as Raw Bars Drive Demand for More Varieties

“Everyone’s growing oysters,” Chris Quartuccio says over his shoulder as he paddles a neon- orange kayak across Long Island’s Great South Bay, where he’s raising some 300,000 Blue Island oysters on the shallow seafloor, 50 miles east of Manhattan. He might be right....


Storm Keeps Long Island Jewish Shelter Short of Men for Prayers

Moshe Najjar is having a lonely wait as the South Shore of New York’s Long Island prepares for Hurricane Sandy to arrive. The only Orthodox Jewish man at a specially created Kosher shelter, he is a minyan of one, lacking the rest of the 10-man minimum required for many important...

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Saudis, Qataris Urged to Leave Lebanon as Threats Grow

Persian Gulf citizens were urged to leave Lebanon after kidnapping threats were made against them following the abduction of a Lebanese man in Syria, raising concern that the Syrian crisis was spilling across borders....