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Peter S. Green

Reporter, Editor, Newsroom Manager

Tax cheats, revolutions, foreign policy, hurricanes, droughts, wars, oysters, New York City and the business of water.

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U.S. Cattle Ranchers Endure More Drought, Rising Feed Prices - Businessweek

U.S. Cattle Ranchers Endure More Drought, Rising Fe...

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Small U.S. Oyster Farms Are on the Rise - Businessweek

Small U.S. Oyster Farms Are on the Rise - Businessw...

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Small Biz Suffers From State Budget Cuts for Courts

As courts slow down and face bigger backlogs, the effects are costing small businesses money...

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HR Group Creates Workforce Metrics

Some think stats on training and diversity will help investors...

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The Letterpress Thrives in an iPad Age

A centuries-old technology catches on with entrepreneurs...

NYC’s Archbishop Dolan Elevated to Cardinal by Pope Benedict

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who has led the 2.5 million-member Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York since 2009, was named one of 22 cardinals-designate by Pope Benedict XVI....

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Dollar-Less Iranians Discover Virtual Currency

The bitcoin is being used to dodge sanctions and a plummeting rial...

Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Essential Business Reads

The Abundance authors on the singularity and oceanography...

Invalid New Yorker’s Pals Keep Life-Saving Gear Running

For Nick Dupree, losing power in Sandy’s fury quickly became a matter of life and death....

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Oysters Boom as Raw Bars Drive Demand for More Varieties

“Everyone’s growing oysters,” Chris Quartuccio says over his shoulder as he paddles a neon- orange kayak across Long Island’s Great South Bay, where he’s raising some 300,000 Blue Island oysters on the shallow seafloor, 50 miles east of Manhattan. He might be right....

Apple's Supply-Chain Secret? Hoard Lasers

The iPhone maker spends lavishly on all stages of the manufacturing process, giving it a huge operations advantage...

Iran Might Hurt Self Most by Closing Strait of Hormuz Oil Route

It would be relatively easy for Iran to make good on its threat to close the strategic waterway that carries oil tankers from the Persian Gulf -- and it would probably hurt itself most by taking such action....

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Rainfall Down, Steak Prices Up

Severe drought in the Midwest is decimating the corn crop; steakhouses are feeling the pain...

UN Observers on Mission-to-Fail in Syria Lag on Staffing

The United Nations has recruited only half the 300 military observers it needs to staff its unarmed monitoring force in Syria, a cease-fire mission that one Security Council diplomat said is designed to fail....

Hurricane Sandy’s Waters Flood Blacked-Out New York City

Hurricane Sandy sent floodwater gushing into New York’s five boroughs, submerging cars, tunnels and the subway system and plunging skyscrapers and neighborhoods into darkness....