Peter S. Green

Peter S. Green

Reporter, Editor, Newsroom Manager

Tax cheats, revolutions, foreign policy, hurricanes, droughts, wars, oysters, New York City and the business of water.

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Alicia Glen + Bill de Blasio: House + Home in New York | Rising ...

Alicia Glen + Bill de Blasio: House + Home in New Y...

Open uri20161115 24683 119mb3l article

Peter Who?

Heard of this middle-aged Scottish actor? He's only had bit roles in Hollywood - but he's about to become the biggest star on British TV....

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Is This the Most Famous Penis in History?

The bizarre tale behind the growth of one of America's most well-endowed gangster legends....

Open uri20161115 24683 1xb36pk article

Move Over, Fracking. There’s a New Technology in Town

The next way to revolutionize our energy future might be sitting in your kitchen right now....

Open uri20161115 24683 g0ea8b article

Silicon Valley's Most Exclusive University That Most People Will Never Know About

This Silicon Valley CEO is shepherding new technology with no fear of the future....

Open uri20161115 24683 w2i7gb article

See What Sea Kale Looks Like

Saltwater farming is the future...

Open uri20161115 24683 r740zq article

The Most Important Philosophers of Our Time Reside in Silicon Valley

Alert your parents: Your liberal arts degree wasn't useless after all. You just have to apply it to the future....

Open uri20161115 24683 1ut5ey2 article

China: Nation of Health-Food Fiends?

From chia powder to supplement bars, health foods are spurring China's growing middle class to change its eating habits....

Open uri20161115 24683 190ks5v article

This Guy Might Have Made the Biggest Scientific Findings of the Century

A young MIT physicist may be close to figuring out the scientific origins of life. And he thinks God had a hand in it all....

Why Corporal Punishment Might Be Better Than Our Prison System

It's well past time we dispense with the notion that imprisonment can rehabilitate....

Open uri20161115 24683 130s01k article

Could She Be Hillary's Secretary of Space?

Entrepreneur Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux is laying the groundwork for a policy on space for the masses....

Open uri20161115 24683 z6ceuy article

Humans Are on the Brink of a Bionic Revolution. That Should Worry You.

Bioenhancing will help us run faster, understand more and beat disease. But it might also rock civilization to its core....

Open uri20161115 24683 1yfepjg article

You Won't Believe How China Treats Single Ladies

Where the job qualifications include being tall, single and younger than 25....

Open uri20161115 24683 egodav article

An Island You Can Afford to Rent for a Night

Yes, you can have an island all to yourself for a night. Can you hear the "but" coming?...

Open uri20161115 24683 14lljml article

The College Gossip Letter That's Led to Arrests

His newsletter carries on a long campus tradition — and reaches a large audience....